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I’m a South African artist – born in Durban, and as a child moved all over beautiful South Africa, spending time in all areas from the Kalahari, Karoo, and Johannesburg and settled in Cape Town many years ago.  I started painting as a child, studied for a teacher, and worked in the financial sector. But I kept on painting through the years.


I am an observer, and I am inspired by music too.  It lifts my heart to see how beautiful His creation is, and I see His hand in everything. The movement and reflections of water, the sunlight breaking through clouds, and negative spaces as the blue-sky peeks through the trees.  Sometimes with music, an image pops into my mind and just sticks there until I try to paint it.   I start by absorbing the scene until I feel I know it. I then use small thumbnail sketches or a colour study. Finally finishing by using photos my husband took as references.  Trying to capture what we experience and feel on the canvas. 

August 2017 over 10 years’ worth of work was stolen from my studio. 24 paintings. None of them have been recovered. Sometimes, I will pause when I see something that looks like one of them. It took some time, but I have moved on from this bad experience and will keep on painting.

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